Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko Ahiko Holds Thanksgiving Service After Successful Instalment

Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko Ahiko Holds Thanksgiving Service After Successful Instalment

Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko Ahiko Holds Thanksgiving Service After Successful Instalment
Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko Ahiko the New Sefwi Surano "A" Chief greeting the gathering

Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko Ahiko Holds Thanksgiving Service After Successful Instalment

A thanksgiving service to appreciate God’s guidance for the peaceful Installment of Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko Ahiko as the Chief of Sefwi Surano “A” near Sefwi Chirano in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality of the Western North Region.

Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko Ahiko, who was installed succeeded his late uncle Nana Kwadwo Mpan II, who died over a decade ago.

The Thanksgiving Service, which was held at the Surano “A” Community center, was attended by members of the various churches within the Sefwi Surano “A” Community. 

Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko Ahiko was also accompanied by Sefwi Surano “A” Agona Royal Family members and some chiefs and queen mothers from the Chirano traditional council.

The Chairman of the ceremony, Mr. Yaw Marfo, the Chief Executive Officer of Marfodam Rewinding Limited expressed his gratitude for the support exhibited so far by the kingmakers and all the divisional chiefs of Sefwi Chirano traditional council in making the process of peaceful, and admonished the new chief to work hand in hand with fellow chiefs to uphold the tradition of Sefwi.

He emphasized the necessity of maintaining a united front and moving forward as a cohesive unit to guarantee development in the Sefwi Surano “A” Community.

Rev. Monsignor Simon Asamoah, the Vicar General of Sefwi Waiwao Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, called for God’s guidance for the Chief to enable him offer his duties affectively.

Rev. Asamoah said the installment has however added some responsibilities and that by the grace of God, he would be able to perform all duties delegently. He called on the people to give him the necessary support to enable him to succeed.

Nana Kwabena Atta Ackaah, the Amamerehene of Sefwi Chirano Traditional Council, explained that the youth of today no longer embrace our traditions, opting for Western culture. "It is important for them to embrace our true culture identity".

He mentioned that Ghanaians, particularly Sefwi's possess captivating and enlightening cultures comparing to other nations. However, it is disheartening that the youth in Sefwi, in their embrace of foreign cultures, have ended up losing their way.

He said, “Culture and tradition are what identify people and their ancestors and therefore neglecting them means rejecting one’s own identity. “ He urged the gathering to go back for it for a better future.

He used the opportunity to advise the New Chief to respect the Agona Royal Family and the Sefwi Chirano Traditional Council Authority.

"As straditional authority, you should have the power to protect the stool that you are sitting on so, this means you ought to have honor your stool and the elders".

Nana Kwadwo Mpan Ababio-Oko thanked the kingmakers of the Agona Royal Family for the massive support and the entire Sefwi Surano “A” community for the honour.

He said his ambition to become the next chief of Sefwi Surano “A” was not to enrich himself but to seek the welfare of the people.

He kicked against alleged plans by some individuals to undertake illegal mining activities, popularly known as ‘galamsey’ in the area.

He noted: “We know that galamsey will bring harmful effects to our health, and also pollute river's in the area so i will not allow such activity to happen here.”

Some of the residents also told the media that they would do everything in their power to support the chief not to allow galamsey activities in the area since it would destroy their cocoa farms.

On Education, he urged teachers to remain good models to their students and applauded them for their sacrifices in ensuring students get good education.

He therefore called on the people of the Sefwi Surano “A”  to rally behind him to enable him to discharge his traditional duties effectively and efficiently.